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The Public Trust Doctrine

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Tips for Activists Volume One: Planning & The Public Trust Doctrine

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  1. December Networker: Downstream from Los Alamos

    Downstream from Los Alamos: A Workshop and Hearing Report Volume 23 (7) December 2018 “ It is a wonderful story of how powerful, skillful coalitions employ technical expertise like ours and how these collaborations change the game.” Visit Our Website Table of Contents I. Letter from the Editor: by Carolyn Raffensperger II. Downstream from Los…Read More →

  2. Support SEHN and Collaborate for Change

      Support SEHN and Collaborate for Change   Dear friends, I was startled and delighted when I read a version of the letter you will see below. Our newest staff member at the Science and Environmental Health Network (SEHN) wrote to tell us why she personally makes a monthly gift to SEHN. Work like ours…Read More →

  3. Invest in Justice, Give to SEHN Winter 2018

      Invest in Justice, Give to SEHN Winter Appeal   Dear Friend,   The world is in turmoil and facing dire environmental, public health and social threats. An old, though timely, story about Theseus heading into the Labyrinth to face the Minotaur tells us how to prepare for these threats. Theseus, a young man in…Read More →

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  1. State of Emergency (& Rage): A Live Journal, Part III

          I’m angry today. So very angry.   Hurricane Florence is still heading towards the East Coast with winds of 110 miles per hour, based on the satellite models shared this morning.   Families have boarded up their homes, placed sandbag barriers, and a million people have been issued mandatory evacuations. People are…Read More →

  2. State of Emergency: Planning & Disaster Preparedness Live Journal, Part II

        Part II I don’t get sucked into the 24-hour news cycle for storms. I check certain meteorologists’ personal blog sites, their postings of predicted models, and National organizations that track hurricanes and other storm systems. Most importantly, I prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. So, while the storm might possibly…Read More →

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