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The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The promise of prevention and the hope for healing

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An article by Carolyn Raffensperger in Kosmos

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Updates of Interest

  1. Protection of the Commons

    Carolyn Raffensperger calls for protection of the commons in light of the threat of climate change. Read her article in On The Commons here.

  2. Join Us at Future First 2014 Women’s Congress

    Join us for a critical, life-changing conversation. Hear from amazing women who are leaders in their field during this once-in-a-lifetime weekend experience. Let’s make history together on November 7-9, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN. To learn all about the weekend and register, please go to:  Men and women are invited and together we can create…Read More →

  3. Evaluating the Cumulative Impacts of the Decisions We Make

    Cumulative Impacts analysis is needed whenever some new disturbance (new project, new process, new technology, etc.) is introduced into any of the three environments (natural, built, or social). But the suggestion to analyze cumulative impacts is met by a groan (or by silence as the whole issue is ignored). Why is this so hard? I…Read More →

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Recent Blog

  1. Expert panel says further action needed to lower unsafe phthalate levels

    by Ted Schettler MD, MPH Phthalates are a family of chemicals used in many consumer products, mainly as softeners of plastics and sometimes as solvents. As a result, human exposures are ubiquitous. In recent years, many laboratory and epidemiologic studies have shown that some phthalates can cause a variety of adverse health effects. In response,…Read More →

  2. Art is Not Optional

    By Carolyn Raffensperger The first time I realized the impact of the arts on my life as an activist was after a big loss in the Illinois legislature over public lands on Lake Michigan. At the time I was the State Field Representative for the Sierra Club. I had worked hard lobbying to oppose the…Read More →

  3. May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!

    Another Victory for Cleaner Air Ted Schettler MD, MPH Science and Environmental Health Network   This month the US Court of Appeals in Washington DC upheld EPA’s 2012 decision to tighten air quality standards for fine particulate air pollution (PM 2.5) by lowering the annual average limit from 15 to 12 microgm/m3.[i] The EPA selected…Read More →

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