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Updates of Interest

  1. Change isn’t easy, but that doesn’t stop you

    Damage to environmental and public health is preventable and should not be an expected outcome of living today.    Dear Friend and Ally,   Last week we sent you a story about St. Louis along the Pine River where more than 8 million Michiganders were poisoned.   This neglected community is just one story of…Read More →

  2. More than 8 Million Michiganders were Poisoned

    Dear Friend and Ally,   On a 52-acre site along Michigan’s Pine River, a pre-World War II chemical plant made DDT for government use, and later PBBs, polybrominated biphenyls, an early flame retardant. In the 1970s, PBBs were accidentally mixed into cattle feed. Hundreds of Michigan farm families lost their herds.More than 8 million Michiganders…Read More →
  3. Antimicrobials in Hospital Furnishings: Evidence to Support Lacking

    A New Report by Science Director Dr. Ted Schettler Antimicrobials in Hospital Furnishings: Do They Help Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections? Press Release here: Health care decision-makers should seek more evidence of safety and effectiveness before purchasing furnishings containing antimicrobials, concludes a comprehensive review released today by Health Care Without Harm. The report found very little support for…Read More →

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Recent Blog

  1. The Ecology of Breast Cancer: Opportunities for Prevention by Ted Schettler MD, MPH

    This article by Dr. Schettler was just published in the June/July 2016 San Francisco Medical Journal. The entire issue, which includes some interesting contributions on integrative cancer care is available here Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the US. While a number of risk factors contribute to its incidence, one…Read More →

  2. January Networker Out Now – You Rock!

    A Bird’s Eye View of SEHN Heading into 2016   SEHN is all about relationships—our bodies’ and communities’ relationship to the earth, our relationships to each other and our little organization’s relationship to each one of you.   A nonprofit is an ecology. You helped bring us back from the brink by your generous contributions…Read More →

  3. Winterlude

    Dear Friends,   We want to thank you for being part of the environmental health movement in a crucial time. Thank you for doing the hard but important work, side by side with us. Thank you for being part of SEHN in all the ways that you do — emotionally, financially, intellectually — your support…Read More →

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