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The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The promise of prevention and the hope for healing

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Caucus of all Waters

The Women's Congress for Future Generations

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  1. January Networker is now available

    SEHN Networker Volume 20 (1) January 2015 Reconnecting medicine with public environmental health: an Ecologic Framework  Dear Friend, We wish to send along deep gratitude for your support as we work together to advance a holistic environmental health framework in law, science and policy. 2014 was a tremendously successful year for SEHN, none of which…Read More →

  2. The 2014 Women’s Congress Documents

    Nearly 500 Congress participants gathered in Minnesota this November to delve into the question: how do we shift from a culture based on dominance and exploitation of resources, to one focused on long-term collective well-being, partnership, and a relational approach to the community of life? We explored the tenets of the Owl Economy, a wisdom-based approach to…Read More →

  3. The Rise of Women in the Environmental Movement

    SEHN Networker Volume 19 (4) Autumn 2014                     So much imagination and intellectual prowess has been devoted to finding technological solutions to climate change. A less visible but emerging set of solutions is being sourced out of people’s experiences of failed governance and public policy. The…Read More →

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  1. New! A Story of Health Illustrated Multimedia eBook

    One in ten children has asthma. . . One in six children has a developmental disability. . . Although still rare, childhood leukemia has increased by 55% over the past 35 years. . .   There is accumulating evidence that environmental factors contribute to the overall risk of many childhood diseases, including asthma and leukemia….Read More →

  2. An Integrative, Ecologic Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease

    By Ted Schettler It’s no surprise that fear and a profound sense of hopelessness are frequently the response to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. It almost seems to promise an unalterable decline in much of what makes us human, while basic biologic functions keeping us alive flicker out more slowly. Population-wide trends in memory loss,…Read More →

  3. Individual Health–Public Health: The North Karelia Project

    by Ted Schettler Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US and throughout the world. In some parts of the world both incidence and mortality from coronary heart disease and stroke continue to rise, particularly in developing countries. In many Western countries, however, after a steady increase through much of the 20th…Read More →

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