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Updates of Interest

  1. plastics, mermaids, trash, & tears


      Trash vortexes are not a satiric entity found in science fiction or graphic novels—they are entirely real. Made up of plastic junk lost at sea, trash vortexes are masses of plastic pollution that are stuck together by currents, mores specifically ocean gyres, trapped in what is best described as a “soupy” vortex. Like alphabet…Read More →

  2. April 2018 Networker: The Public Trust Doctrine


      The Public Trust Doctrine Volume 23 (2) April 2018 “The Public Trust is actually an expression of the most fundamental responsibility of government: to care for all the things we share, the things that are part of the commonwealth and the public health. That includes drinking water, parks, wildlife, roads, bridges, public schools the…Read More →

  3. The Precautionary Principle, A Retrospective


      The Precautionary Principle; A Retrospective Volume 23 (1) January 2018 “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.” The Wingspread Statement, 1998 Visit Our Website Friends of SEHN, A few years ago…Read More →

  4. November Networker: Will you invest in the essential work of the Science and Environmental Health Network?


    Will you invest in the essential work of the Science and Environmental Health Network in this dark political and environmental time?   I want to make the case that SEHN is worthy of your investment as we develop and wield the powerful principles that can fundamentally shift policies from propping up the free market to…Read More →