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  1. The Owl Economy – July 2006


    By Nancy MyersThe bull-and-bear economy is dying. The old way of doing business is to charge ahead with an endless throughput of stuff, look only at the short-term bottom line, and ignore the costs we can’t see. The bull-and-bear economy makes a few people very wealthy and bankrupts the planet. It is tearing apart human…Read More →

  2. Law For The Earth – March 2006


    Law For The Earth – March 2006 I. The Precaution Academy: Practical Training For Precautionary Action SEHN Staff II. From The Editors – Law For The Earth Carolyn Raffensperger and Nancy Myers III. Transforming American Law to Promote Preservation of the Earth Joseph H. Guth, JD, PhD   I. The Precaution Academy TOP SEHN Staff The…Read More →

  3. Staff and Board Members


    SEHN operates as an organization without walls; SEHN’s staff works from locations across North America.   Carolyn Raffensperger, M.A., J.D. Carolyn is executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network. In 1982 she left a  career as an archaeologist in the desert Southwest to join the environmental movement. She first worked for the Sierra Club where she…Read More →

  4. Contact


    Science and Environmental Health Network Speakers’ Bureau Staff members of the Science and Environmental Health Network are available for speaking engagements nationally, including Executive Director Carolyn Raffensperger, Science Director Ted Schettler, Legal Director Joseph Guth and Associate Director Katie Silberman.SEHN staff speak widely about a broad range of topics, with a unique combination of verve,…Read More →

  5. Program Areas


    Precautionary Principle The precautionary principle, virtually unknown here six years ago, is now a U.S. phenomenon. In December 2001 the New York Times Magazine listed the principle as one of the most influential ideas of the year, describing the intellectual, ethical, and policy framework SEHN had developed around the principle. Ecological Medicine “Ecological medicine” is a term…Read More →