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  1. State of Emergency (& Rage): A Live Journal, Part III


          I’m angry today. So very angry.   Hurricane Florence is still heading towards the East Coast with winds of 110 miles per hour, based on the satellite models shared this morning.   Families have boarded up their homes, placed sandbag barriers, and a million people have been issued mandatory evacuations. People are…Read More →

  2. Crafting the New Story


    On Telling a New Story The first rule of writing is to never tell your audience, outright, that you are telling them a story. But what if I do? What if I told you that I AM telling you a story—telling you the story of how things currently exist, the narrative upon which so many…Read More →

  3. Earth Day 2018


    The Precautionary Principle, Kristen Bell, and Happiness vs. Suffering   I have been spinning my wheels for the past few days thinking about possible topics for Earth Day. Yes, every organization will be spamming the inboxes of potential donors and volunteers on Sunday and talking about the critical environmental issues of our time– there are…Read More →

  4. The Precautionary Principle, A Retrospective


      The Precautionary Principle; A Retrospective Volume 23 (1) January 2018 “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.” The Wingspread Statement, 1998 Visit Our Website Friends of SEHN, A few years ago…Read More →