Visionary Science, Ethics, Law and Action in the Public Interest

SEHN Statements

  1. Icicle Creek Statement


    Icicle Creek Statement On The Precautionary Principle And Ecosystems December 7, 2001 Human society in the twenty-first century bears a large responsibility to the Earth and its living systems. Our goal is to bring human activities into harmony with nature so that the Earth may continue to support all species with natural abundance and diversity….Read More →

  2. Ecological Medicine Statement


    Ecological Medicine: A Call for Inquiry and Action February 2002 Ecological Medicine is a new field of inquiry and action to reconcile the care and health of ecosystems, populations, communities, and individuals. The health of Earth’s ecosystem is the foundation of all health. Human impact in the form of population pressure, resource abuse, economic self-interest,…Read More →

  3. Missoula Statement


    Conservation Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty November 2000 The conservation of ecosystems and species, a daunting task for humans, has been thwarted in part by insufficient and inappropriate use of science, particularly in the way that scientific uncertainty is reported and incorporated into decisionmaking. Ecological systems are complex, and our understanding of them will…Read More →

  4. Vancouver Statement


    The Vancouver Statement On the Globalization¬†and Industrialization of Agriculture We believe that the industrialization and globalization of food and fiber imperils humanity and the natural world. Reducing farming to a monocultural, synthetic, transnational corporate business threatens the health, nourishment, right livelihood, and spirituality of communities and the earth. It is insane to believe that we…Read More →