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By Carolyn Raffensperger

  1. The Heartland: Environmental threat or promise?


    Networker Volume 22 (2), March, 2017 Dear Reader   The Heartland and all the bordering rural areas are often described as “fly-over” country, places that barely merit a glance out the airplane window. And yet these vast lands are emerging as the center of both great environmental hazards and great environmental promise. For instance, crude…Read More →

  2. Legal Background for Dakota Access January, 2017


    By Carolyn Raffensperger On Monday, January 23, 2017, the President signed a mix of presidential memoranda and executive orders that address Dakota Access, Keystone, and future pipelines. –For a good overview of the difference between executive orders and presidential memos, see this:…/executive-order-vs-pres…/96979014/ The major legal question for Dakota Access is whether they already have…Read More →

  3. The Facts: Financial Status of Energy Transfer Partners and the Dakota Access Pipeline


    Fact Sheet on Financial Status of Energy Transfer Partners and Dakota Access Pipeline   There are moral and financial reasons for banks and other investors divesting from Dakota Access. The Science & Environmental Health Network has prepared a financial analysis of the status of Energy Transfer Partners and the Dakota Access Pipeline.   Download the full…Read More →