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  1. San Francisco Precautionary Principle Ordinance Three-Year Report


    November 29, 2006 This report was adopted by the Commission on the Environment for submission to the Board of Supervisors on November 28, 2006. Introduction In July 2003, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted the Precautionary Principle Ordinance (Ordinance), which became Chapter 1 of the San Francisco Environment Code. The Ordinance directed the Department…Read More →

  2. New Approaches To Safeguarding The Earth: An environmental version of the Hippocratic oath


    By Jared Blumenfeld From the San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum – August 4, 2003 A bold environmental code becomes law in San Francisco today, one whose overarching framework is called the Precautionary Principle. Through it, San Francisco is taking a significant step away from the Bush administration’s anti-environmental policies. The Precautionary Principle sets out to…Read More →



    A Service of the Science and Environmental Health Network and the Environmental Research Foundation  The Precaution Academy is an intensive weekend of training to prepare you to apply precautionary thinking to a wide range of issues in your community and workplaces such as public health, poverty, injustice, education, housing, urban sprawl, and toxic chemicals. Sessions…Read More →

  4. Pollution is Personal


    The Massachusetts Precautionary Principle Project: Clean Water FundLowell Center for Sustainable Production, Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, Science & Environmental Health Network   Precaution: Our Lives Depend on It Pollution is personal. Chemical pollutants are found in our breast milk and our sperm, our amniotic fluid and our fatty tissue, our blood, bone, and urine. There…Read More →