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  1. Dementia Slows Down: An Unanticipated Benefit of Environmental Policies?


    Dementia Slows Down: An Unanticipated Benefit of Environmental Policies? Ted Schettler Science and Environmental Health Network   The risk of dementia grows as we grow older and since people live longer now than in the past we expect to encounter this dreaded diagnosis more often. Surprisingly though, US and European studies that account for changes…Read More →

  2. November Networker — Grassroots Organizing: The Roads Home


    SEHN Networker Volume 20 (9) November, 2015 Grassroots Organizing: The Roads Home Confronting the Hydra Dear Reader, We have so much to share this month. The Keystone XL pipeline victory was huge. What an incredible moment in the transition away from fossil fuels. We celebrate the groundswell of people who came together to make that happen….Read More →

  3. Making history! SEHN intervening in the Bakken Pipeline on behalf of Future Generations


    Press Release: Fight against pipeline proposals in the Midwest will continue with Dakota Access Pipeline and Upland Pipeline (original post on Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, with the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition)     Iowa Utilities Board hearings will be held Nov 12 – Dec 3   Beginning Thursday, Nov. 12, the Science & Environmental Health Network…Read More →

  4. Carolyn Speaking in Vermont


    Join Carolyn as she explains how Vermonters can work with local governments to protect future generations from environmental harm.  April 7th from 5:30-7, Potluck Meet & Greet at Quaker Meeting Bassett House, Burlington. April 8 at 12:00. lunch with legislators at Capital Plaza Hotel, Montpelier. April 8th, 5-7 pm, Public address, Champlain College, Alumni Hall,…Read More →