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By Nancy Myers

  1. An environmentalist in Kinshasa


    By Nancy Myers “This is not sustainable,” I kept thinking during the two weeks I spent recently in the largest city in the poorest country in the world. Nothing about life in Kinshasa, DR Congo, fit any reasonable definition of sustainable. The food I ate came either from another country or from the surrounding countryside,…Read More →

  2. A tick in the Earth’s hair


    This is Earth Day weekend. Yesterday I gathered nettles and garlic mustard to eat.  I will do my laundry tomorrow because it is raining today, and I want to hang clothes out to dry. These are Earth Day kinds of things to do. But every day is Earth Day in the woods where I live….Read More →

  3. Fracktured


    By Nancy Myers Matt Damon is starring in a new movie to be made about fracking, The Promised Land. Of course, there was the powerful documentary, Gasland, whose maker, Joshua Fox, was arrested trying to film a House Science Committee hearing on fracking for a sequel to Gasland. Another documentary is in the works, Frack…Read More →

  4. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima


    by Nancy Myers I am in grief over Japan. My personal feelings don’t matter but there is a pool of universal grief that disasters open up and we all find ourselves tapping into it, in one way or another. Port-au-Prince, Christchurch, Sendai. The Gulf of Mexico. The dying baby dolphins. And now, with Fukushima Daiichi…Read More →