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  1. Success: Yellowstone National Park and Air Pollution


    Carolyn Raffensperger As our friends at the Winter Wildland Alliance said, “It’s been a long, long time coming – 15 years, 1.1 million public comments and the most grind-it-out, exhaustive campaign Winter Wildlands Alliance has ever embarked on – so all of us at WWA are thrilled with today’s release of the Final Yellowstone Winter…Read More →

  2. A Women’s Congress for Future Generations: Women’s Voices as an Ecological Matter


    By Carolyn Raffensperger In almost every field of influence in the United States men hold more positions of power and often by significant percentage points. Women’s voices are silenced in most political spheres. The question is what difference does that make? On occasion I have been told that I should take a back seat to…Read More →

  3. Creating a Path to the Future: A Rights Agenda


    By Carolyn Raffensperger Question: Could the concept of rights serve as a unifying theme for a progressive agenda? The Golden Rule and the sacredness of all life unify the environmental and social justice movements, according to Paul Hawken in his book, Blessed Unrest. These are ethical precepts that stand in contrast to the dominant political…Read More →

  4. I Know I am Made From this Earth


    By Carolyn Raffensperger Note: This is a speech that I wrote for the Women’s Health and the Environment Conference sponsored by the Earthrose Institute in Coral Gables Florida, October 15, 2010.  I was prepared to read it but chose to speak extemporaneously instead.  I offer it to you as it was written. *** “I know…Read More →

  5. The Respectful Generation Standard


    By Carolyn Raffensperger It is these limits that are ignored when, in the case of possible pollution from ionizing radiation, or one of hundreds of thousands of manmade chemicals released into the environment every day no margin is made for the limits of human knowledge. If an effect cannot be measured by modern scientific and…Read More →