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Government Positions

  1. Government Positions – Europe


    Maastricht Treaty on the Euopean Union, Title XVI 1994 NB no web link available (eds) Ref: 31 ILM 247, 285-86 Community policy on the environment…shall be based on the precautionary principle and on the principles that preventive actions should be taken, that environmental damage should as a priority be rectified at source and that the…Read More →

  2. Government Positions – US


    NJ Precaution Ordinance 2010 Mendocino County Supervisors Adopt Precautionary Principle June 27, 2006 Toxics Reduction Strategy: A plan for minimizing use of toxic substances of concern in government operations by using the Precautionary Principle April 2006 The Berkeley City Council passes Precautionary Principle Ordinance March 7, 2006 Emeryville CA School District Resolution for Healthy Environmentally…Read More →