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Future generations

  1. Breast cancer, scientific uncertainty, and the rise of women’s activism: A detective story


    Dr. Ted Schettler & Carolyn Raffensperger With Kaitlin Butler and Ann Manning   Carondelet Center, Sisters of Saint Joseph Event Center, Room G-1 1890 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55105   October 21, 2015, 7pm-9pm   Free and Open to the Public RSVP appreciated – Seating is Limited: email Sherri AT sehn DOT org Up until…Read More →

  2. Utah is Ground Zero for the Fight Over Unconventional Energy Development


    “Something gravely important had gone missing. Something related to reverence—to holding on to the ineffable wonder of what already is, caring for what little remains, being cognizant of how quickly we’re losing it. As we attempt to develop new energy sources and figure out how to feed ourselves and inhabit this warming world, we need…Read More →

  3. Preparing the Harvest: an update on the work of the Women’s Congress


    Anger that is motivated by compassion or a desire to correct social injustice, and does not seek to harm the other person, is a good anger that is worth having. – His Holiness, the Dalai Lama Dear Friend of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations,   After a winter of fermentation and a springtime of…Read More →

  4. Why Legal Principles are Important in Organizing Around Pipelines, Fracking and Mining


      We have entered the Age of Extreme Energy. Every region is facing threats — from Virginia to Wisconsin, from Nebraska and Iowa to California. New destructive techniques — for mining, drilling, processing, and transporting fossil fuels — are swarming across the land like locusts.   Communities and the natural world are threatened Corporations come…Read More →