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  1. The Commons, Future Generations and Elinor Ostrom


    By Carolyn Raffensperger Congratulations to Elinor Ostrom for winning the much-deserved Nobel prize for economics. She won the prize for her work on the economics of “common pool resources”, which are defined as “natural resources that are difficult to divide up or to fence in and where what one user of the resource does can…Read More →

  2. Wrong question, wrong answers


    By Cynthia Travis Founder & President everyday gandhis A September 21 “debate” between Robert Stavins and Steven Hayward in the Wall Street Journal asked the wrong question by a mile: “Can Countries Cut Carbon Emissions Without Hurting Economic Growth?” The question is based on several erroneous assumptions: 1) Perpetual economic growth is possible; 2) It is…Read More →