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  1. Less Meat, More Options, Better Health


    A new report released by Health Care Without Harm, Redefining Protein: Adjusting Diets to Protect Public Health and Conserve Resources, distills current research to reveal the human, environmental, and social impacts of the production of high-protein foods other than meat to arm hospitals with key information to design the healthiest plate. The impact of hospital…Read More →

  2. Inseparable Futures: Healthy Food & Sustainable Agriculture


    Dr. Ted Schettler’s article, Inseparable Futures: Healthy Food and Sustainable Agriculture was just published in San Francisco Medicine, the journal of the San Francisco Medical Society. The entire issue, December 2016, Volume 89 Number 10 is devoted to environmental health topics. You can access the entire issue here.  Dr. Schettler’s article can be read here.

  3. Unprecedented Alliance Agrees Toxic Chemicals Are Hurting Brain Development


    An unprecedented alliance of leading scientists, health professionals, and children’s health advocates, including SEHN’s Science Director, Ted Schettler, has come together to publish a consensus statement concluding that scientific evidence supports a causal link between exposures to toxic chemicals in food, air and everyday products and children’s risks for neurodevelopmental disorders.  The alliance, known as…Read More →

  4. The Ecology of Breast Cancer: Opportunities for Prevention by Ted Schettler MD, MPH


    This article by Dr. Schettler was just published in the June/July 2016 San Francisco Medical Journal. The entire issue, which includes some interesting contributions on integrative cancer care is available here The Ecology of Breast Cancer: Opportunities for Prevention by Ted Schettler MD, MPH   Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in…Read More →