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  1. New Networker on (Mythic)Models for Protecting Environmental Health and Future Generations


    SEHN Networker Volume 21 (2) February, 2016 (Mythic)Models for Protecting Environmental Health and Future Generations   The Archetypes, the work, and the journey “If you could ask Dante where he got the idea of life as a road, or Rilke where he found the notion that time is a destroyer, they might have said the…Read More →

  2. Making history! SEHN intervening in the Bakken Pipeline on behalf of Future Generations


    Press Release: Fight against pipeline proposals in the Midwest will continue with Dakota Access Pipeline and Upland Pipeline (original post on Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, with the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition)     Iowa Utilities Board hearings will be held Nov 12 – Dec 3   Beginning Thursday, Nov. 12, the Science & Environmental Health Network…Read More →

  3. County Boards of Supervisors are Key Decision-­‐Makers in the Dakota Access Pipeline Matter


    Iowa is facing an unprecedented project in the proposed Dakota Access pipeline that will stretch from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to a facility in Illinois. It traverses Iowa over the longest route possible, a diagonal from the northwest to the southeast. It crosses rivers, wetlands, and drainage districts. It threatens archaeological sites,…Read More →

  4. Why Legal Principles are Important in Organizing Around Pipelines, Fracking and Mining


      We have entered the Age of Extreme Energy. Every region is facing threats — from Virginia to Wisconsin, from Nebraska and Iowa to California. New destructive techniques — for mining, drilling, processing, and transporting fossil fuels — are swarming across the land like locusts.   Communities and the natural world are threatened Corporations come…Read More →