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  1. Who’s in charge? A book review of “The Toxic Schoolhouse”


    By Kaitlin Butler For more information, to view the press release and to pre-order the book, visit Baywood Publishing Company’s webpage.   Environmental public health has had its forays into the spotlight. Six decades ago, the term “environmental disaster” had people in the US thinking of Love Canal and Chernobyl. Later, maybe Three Mile Island, DDT,…Read More →

  2. Unprecedented Alliance Agrees Toxic Chemicals Are Hurting Brain Development


    An unprecedented alliance of leading scientists, health professionals, and children’s health advocates, including SEHN’s Science Director, Ted Schettler, has come together to publish a consensus statement concluding that scientific evidence supports a causal link between exposures to toxic chemicals in food, air and everyday products and children’s risks for neurodevelopmental disorders.  The alliance, known as…Read More →

  3. The Long, Twisting Tale of Chemical Policy – April 2015 Networker


    SEHN Networker Volume 20 (4) April, 2015. Safer Chemicals, Safer Products: Is Congress Up to Their Task? by Ted Schettler, Science Director If you are among those who assume that chemicals in your consumer products must first be tested for safety before being put on the market you have plenty of company. But you are…Read More →

  4. How to Unleash Chemical-Policy Reform (and Every Other Progressive Reform)


    By Peter Montague Why is it so hard for Congress to pass a decent law to protect public health by regulating toxic chemicals? After all, during the 1960s and 1970s Congress adopted nearly two dozen far-reaching environmental laws and treaties [1]. Why can’t Congress just repeat those earlier policy prescriptions?   Here’s why:   In…Read More →