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  1. Cancer, Stem Cells, and Bad Luck


    By Ted Schettler MD, MPH The new year got off to a fast start in cancer-related research with a paper published in the Jan. 2 issue of the prestigious journal Science titled “Variation in cancer risk among tissues can be explained by the number of stem cell divisions”, co-authored by C. Tomasetti and B. Vogelstein…Read More →

  2. Expert panel says further action needed to lower unsafe phthalate levels


    by Ted Schettler MD, MPH Phthalates are a family of chemicals used in many consumer products, mainly as softeners of plastics and sometimes as solvents. As a result, human exposures are ubiquitous. In recent years, many laboratory and epidemiologic studies have shown that some phthalates can cause a variety of adverse health effects. In response,…Read More →

  3. Geonotic Diseases: a New Taxonomy


    By Carolyn Raffensperger Premises: 1. There are taxonomies of human health and disease. Taxonomies are conceptual frameworks that organize our thinking by grouping things that share characteristics. One taxonomy of disease is based on the system of the body that is diseased: the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system. Within those systems there…Read More →

  4. Preventing Babies’ Suffering: Honoring Father’s Day


    By Carolyn Raffensperger This morning’s news carried this headline  “Atrazine link? Doctor sees ‘ominous trends,’ but no proof”. The story is about the link between an herbicide called atrazine and a birth defect called gastroschisis. Babies conceived in the spring near corn fields sprayed with atrazine are more likely to be born with this defect…Read More →

  5. Authentic Truth-Telling and Environmental Policy


    By Carolyn Raffensperger “So we break the spell by loving ourselves and each other enough to tell the truth. Our own experience, as inhabitants of an endangered planet, gives us the authority and the authenticity to tell the truth about what we see and feel and know is happening to our world.” Joanna Macy There’s…Read More →