Visionary Science, Ethics, Law and Action in the Public Interest

by Kayhla Cornell

  1. Out of the Dog’s Mouth & Into the Fire: Mental Health and a Climate Changed


      I have lovingly, and with the disbelief that comes with good fortune, referred to this summer as “The Suitcase Summer”. I travelled through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and 10 U.S. States. I ate potato donuts in Maine and swam in the crisp, clear water at Cape Elizabeth and trudged through the deserts of Wyoming…Read More →

  2. Activist Tip: Planning & Disaster Preparedness


      Tips for Activists: Planning and Disaster Preparedness Volume 23 (4) August, 2018 The Heath Consequences of Climate Change Ted Schettler The still-burning Carr Wildfire near Redding CA has incinerated over 164,000 acres, 1080 homes and killed seven people. Among them, two young children, ages 5 and 4, trapped at home with their great grandmother…Read More →