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By Kaitlin Butler

  1. Who’s in charge? A book review of “The Toxic Schoolhouse”


    By Kaitlin Butler For more information, to view the press release and to pre-order the book, visit Baywood Publishing Company’s webpage.   Environmental public health has had its forays into the spotlight. Six decades ago, the term “environmental disaster” had people in the US thinking of Love Canal and Chernobyl. Later, maybe Three Mile Island, DDT,…Read More →

  2. More than 8 Million Michiganders were Poisoned


    Dear Friend and Ally,   On a 52-acre site along Michigan’s Pine River, a pre-World War II chemical plant made DDT for government use, and later PBBs, polybrominated biphenyls, an early flame retardant. In the 1970s, PBBs were accidentally mixed into cattle feed. Hundreds of Michigan farm families lost their herds.More than 8 million Michiganders…Read More →
  3. Give the Gift of Health!


    Support SEHN’s legal, intellectual, and scientific work for the environmental health movement “To support the work of environmental public health is to bolster the probability of a non-event: The tumor that never metastasized. The baby carried to term. The carefree child on the playground. For 20 years, prevention has been the work of the Science…Read More →

  4. Making history! SEHN intervening in the Bakken Pipeline on behalf of Future Generations


    Press Release: Fight against pipeline proposals in the Midwest will continue with Dakota Access Pipeline and Upland Pipeline (original post on Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, with the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition)     Iowa Utilities Board hearings will be held Nov 12 – Dec 3   Beginning Thursday, Nov. 12, the Science & Environmental Health Network…Read More →