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  1. Out of the Dog’s Mouth & Into the Fire: Mental Health and a Climate Changed


      I have lovingly, and with the disbelief that comes with good fortune, referred to this summer as “The Suitcase Summer”. I travelled through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and 10 U.S. States. I ate potato donuts in Maine and swam in the crisp, clear water at Cape Elizabeth and trudged through the deserts of Wyoming…Read More →

  2. plastics, mermaids, trash, & tears


      Trash vortexes are not a satiric entity found in science fiction or graphic novels—they are entirely real. Made up of plastic junk lost at sea, trash vortexes are masses of plastic pollution that are stuck together by currents, mores specifically ocean gyres, trapped in what is best described as a “soupy” vortex. Like alphabet…Read More →