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  1. Iowa’s Heart in the Fight to Protect the Land: A Conversation with Angie Carter


    SEHN’s Kaitlin Butler has a conversation with Board Member Angie Carter. November 3, 2015. Angie Carter is one of the co-founders of the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. She recently earned her PhD from Iowa State University’s Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA) and Sociology. She also holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of…Read More →

  2. Preventing Babies’ Suffering: Honoring Father’s Day


    By Carolyn Raffensperger This morning’s news carried this headline  “Atrazine link? Doctor sees ‘ominous trends,’ but no proof”. The story is about the link between an herbicide called atrazine and a birth defect called gastroschisis. Babies conceived in the spring near corn fields sprayed with atrazine are more likely to be born with this defect…Read More →

  3. Authentic Truth-Telling and Environmental Policy


    By Carolyn Raffensperger “So we break the spell by loving ourselves and each other enough to tell the truth. Our own experience, as inhabitants of an endangered planet, gives us the authority and the authenticity to tell the truth about what we see and feel and know is happening to our world.” Joanna Macy There’s…Read More →