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  1. Mind the (COP21) Gap: Introducing Climate Countdown – a webseries on the path to Paris


    “We will move to a low-carbon world because nature will force us or because policy will guide us. If we wait until nature forces us, the cost will be astronomical.” – Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on ClimateChange   “2015 is the big year for climate change and this web-series is…Read More →

  2. Making history! SEHN intervening in the Bakken Pipeline on behalf of Future Generations


    Press Release: Fight against pipeline proposals in the Midwest will continue with Dakota Access Pipeline and Upland Pipeline (original post on Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, with the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition)     Iowa Utilities Board hearings will be held Nov 12 – Dec 3   Beginning Thursday, Nov. 12, the Science & Environmental Health Network…Read More →

  3. Iowa’s Heart in the Fight to Protect the Land: A Conversation with Angie Carter


    SEHN’s Kaitlin Butler has a conversation with Board Member Angie Carter. November 3, 2015. Angie Carter is one of the co-founders of the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. She recently earned her PhD from Iowa State University’s Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture (GPSA) and Sociology. She also holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of…Read More →

  4. Breast Cancer Prevention Begins in the Womb


    by Ted Schettler As breast cancer awareness month ends with its primary emphasis on early detection I’ve been more interested in what we’ve learned about opportunities for prevention. Amidst all the pink ribbons and disagreements about optimal mammography scheduling an important theme seems to be finally taking hold. Although opportunities abound throughout life, breast cancer…Read More →

  5. New! September Networker: Changing the Rules of the Game


    SEHN Networker Volume 20 (8) September, 2015 Changing the Rules of the Game: SEHN’s strategic engagement with grassroots groups   SEHN’s Strategic Engagement with Grassroots Groups   Dear Reader, This month we want to share with you how we at SEHN are bringing our work to grassroots organizing. Climate change is driving the law and…Read More →