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  2. Precautionary Principle – Number 186

    Precaution at Home and Abroad September 2009   I. Precautionary Principle Alive and Well in the Philippines by Nancy Myers, Special to Rachel’s Precaution Reporter II. FDA Warnings on Mercury Tooth Fillings by Mercury Policy Project/PR Newswire III. U.S. Bans Commercial Fishing in Warming Arctic by Allison Winter, Greenwire IV. USAID Has Used Taxpayer Money…Read More →

  3. Precautionary Principle – Number 187

    Three Cs of Precaution: Cell Phones, Climate and Chemicals October 2009   I. Are you in our Network? In addition to the Precaution Reporter, the Science and Environmental Health Network also publishes The Networker, an online of political, economic, philosophical, scientific and social issues related to the environment and public health.  Join us for the upcoming…Read More →

  4. Precautionary Principle – Number 188

    Endocrine Disruptors in the News November 2009   I. Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times For several days, this November 7 column on bisphenol A was one of the most-emailed articles in the Times. The column drew hundreds of comments. Here we present the original column, Kristof’s blog, one…Read More →

  5. Precautionary Principle – Number 189

    Holiday Edition 2009   Almost a year ago, Peter Montague—and many of you–asked us to take over Rachel’s Precaution Reporter. We agreed, with some trepidation. Peter had started an important service but we knew it involved a lot of work.It does, but it’s work we’ve enjoyed. This issue of RPR is an example of why….Read More →

  6. Precautionary Principle – Number 190

    “Going Cheney,” More Cell Phones and Electronics January 2010   Editor’s Note: Our huge thanks to each RPR reader who gave a year-end financial gift in 2009. Your support truly keeps the going in 2010. Loyal RPR readers might wonder what founder Peter Montague has been up to since he finished publishing Rachel’s and RPR…Read More →