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  2. The Networker: Volume 17 No. 2

    Principles of Perpetual Care for Contaminated Sites – March 2012 I. Editor’s note–Facing the impossible By Nancy Myers II. From Principles of Perpetual Care: Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Carolyn Raffensperger, lead author   I. Editor’s note–Facing the impossible   By Nancy Myers In 2010 SEHN’s executive director, Carolyn Raffensperger, took on an impossible task….Read More →

  3. The Networker: Volume 17 No. 3

       Updates – Summer 2012 The Science & Environmental Health Network (SEHN) is in the midst of groundbreaking work this summer! We wanted to share with you some of our recent highlights.   Women’s Congress for Future Generations: Join us in Moab this fall!  Are you called to be a guardian of the future? Gather with…Read More →

  4. The Networker: Volume 17 No. 5

    November/December 2012   SEHN Gives Thanks! Dear Friend, I am delighted to bring you our November issue of The Networker, devoted to seven of SEHN’s most important accomplishments during 2012. Together, they are exciting examples of the ways that SEHN is making change—reaching new audiences, broadening our movement, and taking measurable steps toward a healthier…Read More →

  5. Precautionary Principle – Number 184

    Precaution’s Reach: a New Report May 2009   I. Precaution’s Reach: a New Report by Katie Silberman Welcome to the inaugural issue of the re-born Rachel’s Precaution Reporter. The Science and Environmental Health Network is honored that Peter Montague has handed his baby to us, and we pledge to take good care. In this issue…Read More →

  6. Precautionary Principle – Number 185

    Plastics, Precaution and Politics August 2009   I. Medical Group calls for Reducing use of BPA by Liz Szabo II. Plastic Peril? Is “Better Safe than Sorry” Reason Enough for Law? by Jon Hamilton III. California Panel Decides Against Requiring Warning Labels for Products Containing Bisphenol A. by Amy Littlefield IV. Toxicologists Say Media Overstate…Read More →