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  2. SEHN September Newsletter Now Available!

        Happy Fall from SEHN!   Happy autumn!  SEHN had a busy summer and we’re working on putting our newest ideas into action for fall.In July, I was invited to speak in Geneva, Switzerland, to the Global Conference on “Implementing Intergenerational Equity: Bringing Future Perspectives to the Status Quo.” The working meeting was co-sponsored by the…Read More →

  3. Warning on Warming

    Hour Detroit Magazine – “The thinking in the last few years is that air pollution, including ozone, actually can cause the onset of asthma” says Dr. Ted Schettler.

  4. Environmental Health News

    24 August Burning issues in air pollution.Hidden beneath a recent debate on an air pollution study are questions on the limits of scientific research in China. Air pollution has become a major public health issue in the country, but barriers to research continue to overshadow information on its negative impacts. Beijing Caixin, China. Environmental Health News Website…Read More →