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  2. The Precautionary Principle Asks “How Much Harm is Avoidable?” Rather Than “How Much Harm is Acceptable” by SEHN fellow Peter Montague

      A renewed call for the precautionary principle with a little history on how the principle came to gain footing here in the United States written by SEHN fellow Peter Montague and published on

  3. The Precautionary Principle, A Retrospective

      The Precautionary Principle; A Retrospective Volume 23 (1) January 2018 “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.” The Wingspread Statement, 1998 Visit Our Website Friends of SEHN, A few years ago…Read More →

  4. October Networker: The Story of Health

    Volume 22 (5) October, 2017 Friends of SEHN, Dr. Ted Schettler, SEHN’s Science Director has said that most people think of health as a feature of an individual. What if health is not simply our personal choices, but also an expression of our policies, the way we organize our communities, and how we use materials…Read More →

  5. A Soul Conversation with Ilene Evans

      “It has been a dark time”, the reverberations from Ilene Evan’s rich voice traveled through my telephone receiver and bounced around the four corners of my room to begin a one hour spoken word and song performance—a soul conversation.   Under the light of the silvery moon, Ilene led a group of us through…Read More →