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  2. plastics, mermaids, trash, & tears

      Trash vortexes are not a satiric entity found in science fiction or graphic novels—they are entirely real. Made up of plastic junk lost at sea, trash vortexes are masses of plastic pollution that are stuck together by currents, mores specifically ocean gyres, trapped in what is best described as a “soupy” vortex. Like alphabet…Read More →

  3. Crafting the New Story

    On Telling a New Story The first rule of writing is to never tell your audience, outright, that you are telling them a story. But what if I do? What if I told you that I AM telling you a story—telling you the story of how things currently exist, the narrative upon which so many…Read More →

  4. May Networker: A Pledge to the Mothers; A Pledge to the Earth

      A Pledge to the Mothers; A Pledge to the Earth Volume 23 (3) May 2018 Visit Our Website Friends of SEHN, In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to share with you a Pledge to Mother Earth and All the Other Mothers. Last November, in the face of dysfunctional governments making sorry policies that…Read More →

  5. Earth Day 2018

    The Precautionary Principle, Kristen Bell, and Happiness vs. Suffering   I have been spinning my wheels for the past few days thinking about possible topics for Earth Day. Yes, every organization will be spamming the inboxes of potential donors and volunteers on Sunday and talking about the critical environmental issues of our time– there are…Read More →

  6. April 2018 Networker: The Public Trust Doctrine

      The Public Trust Doctrine Volume 23 (2) April 2018 “The Public Trust is actually an expression of the most fundamental responsibility of government: to care for all the things we share, the things that are part of the commonwealth and the public health. That includes drinking water, parks, wildlife, roads, bridges, public schools the…Read More →