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Carolyn Raffensperger

Carolyn is executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network. In 1982 she left a career as an archaeologist in the desert Southwest to join the environmental movement. She first worked for the Sierra Club where she addressed an array of environmental issues, including forest management, river protection, pesticide pollutants, and disposal of radioactive waste. She began working for SEHN in December 1994.

  1. Articles by Carolyn Raffensperger:
  2. A Legal and Political Analysis of the Proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline in Iowa

    By Carolyn Raffensperger Energy Transfer Partners, a Texas energy company, plans to build an 1,100-mile underground pipeline to transport a highly volatile type of crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields through 17 Iowa counties en route to Illinois.  It will cross multiple rivers, and transverse aquifers and lakes.  Coalitions of people are coming…Read More →

  3. Art is Not Optional

    By Carolyn Raffensperger The first time I realized the impact of the arts on my life as an activist was after a big loss in the Illinois legislature over public lands on Lake Michigan. At the time I was the State Field Representative for the Sierra Club. I had worked hard lobbying to oppose the…Read More →

  4. Recording Available: Community Right of Free, Prior and Informed Consent

    The presentation by Carolyn Raffensperger on the community right of free, prior, and informed consent and how it might transform public health and environmental decision making is now available as an MP3 recording. To listen and see Carolyn’s slides : The idea of free, prior and informed consent is deeply embedded in the science and…Read More →

  5. We Withdraw Our Consent

    By Carolyn Raffensperger I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with an extraordinary group of women planning the second Women’s Congress for Future Generations slated for November 7-9, 2014 in Minneapolis Minnesota. The planning team has been holding house parties and meeting with other organizations. They have been remarkably successful in getting commitments from women…Read More →