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  2. How to add a slide to feature a post

    This is a simple post that we have featured on the homepage using the image slider.  To link to a post from the image slider, do the following: Find an appropriate image to represent the post you’d like to feature. Go to the homepage, and edit the page (you will need to be signed-in to…Read More →

  3. Read Me First

    Before you start adding content, be sure to give this a read: Pages have been prepared for all of the SEHN topics that appear in the menu on the homepage.  They have a special template that will allow you to stay true to the form on the current website. For example, go to the…Read More →

  4. How sign into your account

    Greetings SEHN authors!  You can sign into your personal accounts by going to the “Sign in” link located in the footer of the page.  You can also type the url into your browser.

  5. Welcome to SEHN’s new Website

    If you are reading this on the homepage, note that the “updates of interest” area will show excerpts from your last three posts that you have placed in the “updates of interest” post category.  The excerpts shown on the homepage will only display the first fifty-five words from each post, and will be truncated with…Read More →

  6. A tick in the Earth’s hair

    This is Earth Day weekend. Yesterday I gathered nettles and garlic mustard to eat.  I will do my laundry tomorrow because it is raining today, and I want to hang clothes out to dry. These are Earth Day kinds of things to do. But every day is Earth Day in the woods where I live….Read More →